The Metal Elements Factory (MEF) is a combination of the experience acquired from father to son by several generations of the Majer family and a fresh look at the production process, management and the use of innovative technologies by a new generation. 

We manufacture all kinds of metal elements that are used in many production companies, for example in the construction, medical, furniture, electric, mining, trolley and many other industries. With the help of tools that allow us to roll, bend and cut, we can transform almost any metal into a unique part, which is necessary for the production of a final product. We use the highest quality materials, we process sheet metal, steel and rods on a daily basis.

Each time we try to find a solution that will allow for the fastest, cheapest possible production while maintaining the highest quality.

We are development-oriented, therefore we are willing to take on new challenges.


Company data

Fabryka Elementów Metalowych
Bartłomiej Majer
ul. Bieszczadzka 27
42-200 Częstochowa

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+48 507 036 687